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Film Biostudies

Informative film on studying Biology in Nijmegen - 2007
Summary:Jasper joins students biology of the Radboud University during one day of their study in Nijmegen. We follow him during his trip through the impressive Huygens building, ebginning with amorning lecture in one of the halls. In the cantine at noon break, Anne and Ron tell Jasper which possibilities the study offers for specialization. In the afternoon we go with him inside the hall for practical training. We also visit the aquaria of the science faculty as well as a number of research laboratories where students do their master projects. Finally we get to breath fresh air during an ecological excursion in the surroundings of Nijmegen
The film:
Duration: 9 min 07s
Language: Dutch
Production: Rianne van Niekerk and Oscar Paling
Sound: Hendrik Seegers and Matthijs van Gent
Cast and assistance: Lonneke Bannink, Hans van der Linden and Jos (AIVD), Gert Flik (Organismal Animal Physiology),the doormen of the FNWI, Tim Bérczy, Dick van Aalst (Photography) and others


Biology Information film - 2002
Title: "The Sky is the Limit"
Summary: This amusing informative film from 2002 is meanwhile a bit out of date. It gave a realistic first impression of some aspects of the life of a biology student at the Radboud University Nijmegen in those years. We follow Annelies in the lecture hall and in the practical class (still in the "old" building), see her cram for an exam, accompany her during a training abroad and later in the lab. Also social aspects of her daily life and her contacts with study buddies get due attention. The film has been entirely produced by (biology) students and employees of the Radboud University Nijmegen
The movie: WARNING! Size = 57 MB. Watch video (right click and 'save as' to save/download)
Duration: 9 min 47s
Digital version 2002 (the original version was mad on VHS for internal use)
Language: Dutch
Format: avi
Video codec: DivX Decoder Filter
Audio codec: MPEG Layer-3 Decoder
Production and castThe following persons have contributed to the realization and digitalization of this film: Arjan de Groene and Maarten Peeters as producers, under guidance of Hans van der Linden, Jaap Willems and Marinus van Herpen, with Annelies Pustjens as principal actress, Bram van der Linden for the digital processing, and with the assistance of Bart Pollux, Cees Blom, Conny Mooren, Gabor Deli, Gijs van Hengsteum, Gijs Verbeek, Jaap Willems, Jos van de Geer, Kirn Lotterman, Liesbeth Pierson, Mascha Toepoel, Maurice Martens, Mieke Latijnhouwers, Remco Aalbers, Richard Thuis, Valentijn ten Plate, Wybout Stijns, and other members of the crew, the PR-commission and the department of Popularization of Sciences, Burger's Bush Arnhem, Disco Inferno and the Anatomical Museum Nijmegen.

last modified: 9 Sep 2013