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Many former and present employees, students and guests of the Radboud University Nijmegen as well as external guests have provided a contribution to this website, without renumeration but with a lot of enthousiasm.
Special thanks go to drs. W.L.P. Janssen who set up the database of the image gallery and to Dr. J. Derksen, Dr. F. van Herp and Ing. M. Wolters-Arts who took care of the scientific descriptions of the gallery images, to G.M. Bögemanns as the main author of the pages on the Landscape and Nature around Nijmegen and to Dr. J. Derksen for his major input in the webseries on Pollen and Hay fever, the Leaf and Stem growth. The webstructure and (lama)programming is the work of Drs. R. Aalbers. Het Fesem project, partly funded by the ICT-innovation funds of the UCI (Radboud University Nijmegen), contains a simulator conceived by drs J. van Beurden. Most photographs in the project Huygens 4D are by D. van Aalst. The task as webmaster and the (microscopy)imaging is carried by E. Pierson.

  • Aalbers R. (CNCZ)
  • Behnen F. (Internet didactics Biology)
  • Bögemann G.M. (Experimental Plant Ecology)
  • Bonsack D. (Proofreading English text)
  • Dekkers G. (Photography)
  • Derksen J.W.M. (Plant Cell Biology)
  • de Groene A. (student, film maker)
  • Dicke D. (+, former Submicroscopical Morphology)
  • Elemans J.A.A.W. (Organic Chemistry / Experimental Solid State Physics 2)
  • Eygensteyn J. (General Instrumentation)
  • Flik G. (Organismal Animal Physiology)
  • Geerts V. (Faculty Office)
  • Geurts H.P.M. (General Intrumentation)
  • Hiddink J. (Graphical design)
  • Janssen G.J.A. (Gemeenschappelijk Instrumentarium)
  • Janssen W.L.P. (External employee)
  • Jasperse J. (former Zoological Laboratory)
  • Jeucken G. (former Botany III)
  • Kempers A.J. (IWWR)
  • Kerkhof W. (Student)
  • Kolk S. (Molecular Animal Physiology)
  • Lemaire R. (Sector Law, Open University)
  • Linskens H.F. (†, former Botany)
  • Maat B. (Advisory dept on Laws, University Board)
  • Marijnissen J. (EXO Helpdesk)
  • Martens M.J.M. (General Biology)
  • Mooren C. (General Biology)
  • Nijssen H. (International Education)
  • Peeters M (student, film maker)
  • Peeters Th. (Stichting Bargerveen)
  • Pierson E.S. (General Instrumentation)
  • Pustjens A. (student, film player)
  • Slippens J. (Graphical Design)
  • Smulders-Klabbers J.W.H. (General Biology)
  • Steeneken S. (Digischool Biology Netherlands)
  • Stuefer J. (Experimental Plant Ecology)
  • Stijns W. (General Biology)
  • Teunissen D. (†, voormalig Geology)
  • Van Aalst D. (Photography)
  • Van Beurden J. (former-CNCZ)
  • Van Campen P. (CNCZ)
  • Van de Horst L. (Graphical Design)
  • Van den Ende G. (former Botanical Laboratory)
  • Van der Gaag M. (General instrumentation)
  • Van Kessel A. (Communication)
  • Van der Linden B. (External employee)
  • Van der Linden G.J. (Audiovisual Facility)
  • Van der Velde G. (Animal Ecology and Ecophysiology)
  • Van der Weerden G.M. (Botanical Garden)
  • Van Herp F. (Molecular Animal Physiology)
  • Van Herpen M.M.A.(ICT&O / Open University)
  • Vriezema D. (Organic Chemistry)
  • Winkelhorst J. (IOWO)
  • Wolters-Arts A.M.C. (Plant Cell Biology)
  • and others

All participants are kindly thanked for their enthusiastic contribution to the program.

last modified: 13 Aug 2012