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Landscape and Nature Nijmegen

The district of Nijmegen hosts natural and half-natural areas which are unique for the Netherlands. The immediate surroundings of the town boast various landscape types, like steep and wavy tilts, large rivers (the Rhine, Waal and Meuse) and small water area (ponds, fens, springs and brooks), river forelands with lovely winding dikes and meadows, swampy grasslands, mixed woods and moore fields. Who likes to know more about the origin and the ecology of the various landscape types in this region is invited to share this illustrated internet version of the course "Biodiversity" of the Radboud University Nijmegen (Main author: G.M. Bögemann). The geology of the glacial tilt landscape can also be experienced through the walking routes of the project "Geopaden", which has been set up by (former) scientists of the university.

  • Geology: Origin of the landscape in the District of Nijmegen
  • Ecology: Background information on structures in vegetation and on the relationships between vegetation (flora) and fauna.
  • Heumensoord: River-glacial sedimentation, woodland and moore on gravel-rich sand
  • The Ooij Polder: River landscape, unembanked alluvial land, dike and clay pits
  • Glacial till: Duivelsberg (Devil's mountain), Everbos (Evers wood) and Filosofendal (Philosophers' valley), woodland types
  • Haterts and Overasselts Fens: Shifting sands, woodland, moore and fens
  • The Bruuk (sorry, only in Dutch so far)
  • Weblinks: Reference to sites on nature, cultural heritage and recreation in which further information can be found on types of landscapes,plants and animals in the region of Nijmegen, natural resources projects in this area, the history and life in this region, but also routes to bike and walk in the surroundings of Nijmegen

View Landscape around Nijmegen (vcbio) in a printable map with Google street view Coordinates: (lat, Long) 51.830049, 5.893135

Sorry, for the moment only the Dutch version of the webpages about the landscape around Nijmegen is available.

This project is a continuation of the work of numerous anonymous friends of the nature, many of them researchers and teachers of the former Catholic University Nijmegen. These webpages have been realized thanks to a collaboration between G.M. Bögemann (Experimental Plant Ecology), Theo Peeters (Stichting Bargerveen), Remco Aalbers (Computer and Communication Department and Liesbeth Pierson (General Instrumentation).
Photographs and drawings: former employees of the design department, Gerard Bögemann, Jan Derksen and Liesbeth Pierson (Radboud University Nijmegen).

last modified: 26 Jan 2017